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Spring Creek Repair offers unmatched modification and repair services. We have the resources to fix most anything you might bring to us. Weld repairs on the farm, home and business are diverse and can come at the worst times. Spring Creek Repair has a knowledgeable team with the experience to provide you with the best service in the entire industry. Our technicians perform all types of repair, whether it is a preventive maintenance service or a unit that needs a bit more extensive repairs. Our clients know that they can depend on us to provide them with timely repairs and quality workmanship. We can help with repairs of all types, from farm equipment to pellet grills and light to medium duty trailers.

Spring Creek Repair can help with all your repair needs, no job is too small!

Green Mountain Grills, Spring Creek Repair, Dorchester Nebraska

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Hiniker Plows

Hiniker plows are built with one thing in mind-moving snow in the most efficient way possible! Check out the wide range of innovative designs on the following pages and find the perfect match for your plowing operation, whether it's a single plow or an entire fleet.

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Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills are a top-of-the-line wood pellet bbq grill. This premium barbecue smoker pellet grills make grilling easy. The taste your pellet grill imparts to these cookies will surprise you.

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Hydro Pressure Washers

Manufactured right here in Central Nebraska for 22 years, Hydro pressure washers have all the features of our popular competitor, with several innovative improvements and features that add to the value and longevity of your unit.

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Minimizer Truck Fenders

If you operate a semi in your farming operation, you know how vital a good set of fenders can be. Due to all the hazards that a guy can face around the farm and on the road, replacing a set of fenders can get to be a semi-annual deal. With the Minimizer Fender you eliminate that.

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B&W Ball Hitches

All of us who raise livestock and operate stock trailers or horse trailers, or even flat beds for transporting bales understand the necessity of having a gooseneck hitch that hides when not in use. The B&W hitch system is designed to allow the user to "unpin" the locking mechanism.

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Trailer Repair

We probably do as many modifications to trucks in the area as anything. We are specialists in wiring trailers, fifth wheel hitches, receiver hitches, running boards, grills and more, we have it and can professionally install it in a timely manner.

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Whether you're handling feed, seed, fertilizer or other bulk commodities, whether for center-fill drills or planters, the patented Unverferth AugerBOX helps you unload quickly, effortlessly and precisely. It's a time-and-labor-saving tool that makes the entire operation as efficient as can be.Contact us to order or inquire about this product.

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Shur-co® Tarps

Shur-Co® is the largest manufacturer of quality tarp and containment systems in the United States. We use the finest solid vinyl-coated fabric with built-in UV inhibitors to reduce sun damage and fading. Each lot is lab tested for tear strength, abrasion resistance and cold-temp flexibility.

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VAL 6 Heaters

Super efficient, portable, clean heat – VAL6 delivers all that and more. Indoors, outdoors, warming people, equipment, and materials, the VAL6 outperforms "torpedo" and "salamander" type heaters with almost three times the VAL6 BTU output. The key is Infrared Heat and innovative design.

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Mule Hitch

The towing system that makes any towing application fast and simple. The Mule towing system allows you to tow whatever your truck is rated for, up to 14,000 lbs. carrying weight and 1,200 lbs. tongue weight. The Mule can be used on most domestic 1/2 ton – 1 ton pick-ups with only a mounting bracket modification. Contact us to order or inquire about this product.

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Johnson Feederhouse Debris Deflector

Seems like every year during harvest somebody in the neighborhood gets at least one chance to use the fire extinguishers. Sometimes it’s just to cool off the beer, but usually it’s because something got hot on the combine. The Johnson Feederhouse Debris Deflector is a great add-on to any combine regardless of color.

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Quality guarantee

We only offer the highest quality products & services

Offering our customers the highest quality products at all times is a fundamental part of the Spring Creek Repair company philosophy. If we wouldn't use the products ourselves we wouldn't recommend them to our customers. Every product sold by Spring Creek Repair has been on-the-job tested personally to ensure quality. Not only do we offer the best products but if you have any issues with the product you can bring it back and we will help fix it. Didn't get it from us, that's alright, we can still help you, give us a call (402)641-1241 today, we can talk about your needed modifications!